Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina Relief

Gallagher Gazette - Katrina Relief Update - Sept. 12, 2005

We prayed that God would send us some people to minister to since we can't seem to get overseas at the moment.

The result of our prayers has been the assignment of two apartment complexes to our care. We are free to have Bible studies, door-to-door witnessing, parking lot preaching, etc. Come join us!

We assembled a team of 15 which cleaned and painted several apartments last week so that folks from Reunion Arena could move in.

Deliveries of food, clothing, beds, furniture, Bible literature and toys were made to several grateful families.

Please pray for:

Apt. Manager #1 - she is the manager of one of the apartment complexes -her husband is abusive and on cocaine. He vandalized her car the day we showed up and left a note which read: "Dear Jesus, please help me stop doing these things, I don't know why I do these things."

We are counseling with her and her husband. Your prayers will be the covering for this spiritual battle.

Apartment manager #2 - the manager has taken a couple hundred folks in from Reunion and they have nothing but bare floors. Now that we have rested up we need to clean and paint apartments at this site. She has no supplies so please let us know if you have clothing, personal items, cooking and eating utensils, diapers, beds, bedding, furniture, Bibles, etc. which we will pick up.

We are working with His Hand Ministries which has a large truck. If you can help us put gas in the truck that would be sweet! Check out their site at: - note the Katrina Relief Resource Directory which you can use if you meet an evacuee.

Many stories -no time to type them all. Pray for Amy who we witnessed to and she took a chance and poured out her heart to us. She is fresh out of rehab and living in an abusive relationship. She is coming to church with us now and is visibly relieved to have some normalcy but we have no idea how to get her to the next stage. She, and her three kids, have nowhere to live but in her ex-husband's home with all his drug buddies and girlfriends. It is an absolute mess. We spoke with her in-laws (who are born-again) and they agree that something has to be done. Her mom is on dope and her father sexually abused her since she was small. We don't have the answers. I'm just sharing it because I feel so helpless just taking her to church and sending her back to this each day. God knows. Pray that He will show us what can be done.

Friends -I feel strongly that God is showing us all that the harvest is ripe. I've been hearing so many off-the-wall comments about why people don't feel they have to obey the Great Commission and why they aren't sure whether it is "the best thing" for us to go and tell others under the bridges of Dallas or the shacks of Jamaica.

It reminds me of my days in the Jesus Movement. I used to wander the streets witnessing and praying with people. I had a cardboard box which contained their names. Every time I would get the box out to pray and make notes, someone would say, "Here he goes again with that box." I guess I was made to do this and some people weren't -that's okay. All I can say is I have to do it or I will shrivle up into a useless being who just takes up space on the planet.

God is showing us all that the time for yackety-yak about the finer points is past. There are people who have nothing who need our help immediately. If this is not your thing then please pray for us that God will give us wisdom. If you have been asking Him for something to do for Him -then please join us. Contact us at: or 972-524-1350.

Your Servant in Christ,
Jimmy G.
Dan. 12:3

If you are looking for somewhere to send a donation that will really count -every dime will go directly to Katrina victims at:

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